About YPO-WPO International

With 5,000+ annual events and 23,000 members from more than 130 countries, YPO-WPO is the largest global network of business leaders.

Members say that YPO has a profound, often life-changing, effect on their lives.

Founded in 1950, YPO today provides 23,000 peers and their families in more than 130 countries with access to unique educational and networking experiences designed to support their business, community and personal leadership.

Members of YPO are peers who share in common the achievement of success at an early age (before 45); a commitment to learning as a lifelong adventure; and a desire to connect authentically in an environment of trust and confidentiality.

At the age of 50, members transition to YPO’s graduate group, WPO (World Presidents’ Organization). WPO is a global community within YPO of current and former chief executives dedicated to enriching each member’s lifelong journey of leadership, growth and significance through education and idea exchange.

YPO members are individuals responsible for the full operation of a qualifying corporation or division and hold the title of President, Chief Executive Officer or equivalent. The total compensation of all employees, excluding the member, must exceed US$2,000,000. The corporation must meet other criteria such as enterprise value, number of employees, dollar volume. More can be found at http://www.ypo.org/join-ypo/

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Realty Executives Scottsdale
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Realty Executives Scottsdale

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10607 N Hayden Rd
Scottsdale, AZ 85260
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